Need to know more about us, here is a quick synopsis and overview of K.S Studios:
K.S Studios Signature Model Management was founded in New York in 1989. The vision was an
 agency that would encompass all types of beauty, not the traditional model that dominated the fashion scene of the 1980's. What sprang from this vision was an agency which today commands the respect and attention of the most powerful designers, magazines/publications ad's and most importantly represents of sponsors connected with Kaptured Styl Studios.

Incorporated with our designer style in photography under a new direction as of the Spring of 2005,
with a client roster made up for advertising and brand marketing with clients wanting more.
This unique approach of our sought after models working today, along the east coast under K.S Studios Signature Model Management.
Ultimately K.S Studios Model Management's focus is on discovering new talent and transforming them into working superstars

K.S Studios made a name for itself by challenging the status quo and developing
the power of a model’s image. This lead to the creation and definition of The Supermodel. Kaptured Styl Studios agency's signature is a collective approach, leveraging the know-how and industry relationships of the team of agents rather than one representative, our goal to our models to treat you as an individual not a number in the crowd with a commitment to each along a client's long-term objective. In reality only a handful of agencies owners actually sit on the booking board daily, plugging away in the trenches for their models,
 K.S Studios being one alone among the few.

ooking to the future, K.S Studios is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to scout,
 develop, market & maintain it's models exclusively for our networks.

Casting's are usually held in Orlando FL, or along the east coast depending on where we are marketing out of along the east coast, at which times are held at local conference centers."See" K.S Studios Management for details and specifics on going castings. If selected, as one of our official spokes model for K.S Studios you will receive a personal portfolio **TFP** that is designed to get you the most exposure and ongoing work as possible with K.S Studios, which you will also be able to earn and get exposure needed to make you grow in the modeling industry.

We work with many networks no matter budget, We aim to fit all we also promote within and external of our agency. In which builds values in what is set fourth in what we market representation between the client and K.S Studios. It is important we also focus on development of our talents to succeed in all which makes us stand alone from most normal modeling agencies that promises more then they can give in return

There is absolutely no cost out of pocket to be listed with our agency so, therefore, you have nothing to lose!


  Specializing in Marketing solutions for all shapes & sizes.

   "Attention" NEW - 

Kaptured Styl Studios LLC. is the all in one leading digital marketing agencies in the area of advertising
each entity through a personal approach
to supporting clients in their efforts to tell their stories more effectively. If you would like a quote on the rates and packages we offer feel free and reach out to us we would like a chance to honestly earn your business to promote and help you make a bold statement, with our expertise of vast knowledge in advertising and marketing on the web. Our approach is very effective and reaches different ends of the spectrum to make it colorful on both sides from our wide selection of our talented Signature models open to work with our clients for bookings and all commercial print work with our various packages to choose from to our greater marketing approaches on the commercial market your company or brand will always be ahead of the rest when using K.S. We are consider to be the brightest in the marketing methods we use when chosen for any business task rest assure we handle each client with care and efficiency when involved, services that
accelerate innovation in the national and global marketing.

Quality over Quantity always! 

We try not to fit clients into boxes straight off the shelf. We tailor our efforts to the specific needs and objectives of the task at hand. Utilizing the most advanced insight, consumer behavior, and analytic tools to understand how to reach the right target audience.
Our sole focus is to drive conversions and brand awareness for our clients using both online and offline techniques, our team will work diligently to make ourselves familiar with your needs and ongoing communication challenges.
Our marketing services are tailored to send high quality web visitors to your website.

   By “high quality”, we mean visitors that are likely to be of value to you.
  That means potential clients, in any industry, who fit your demographic and budgetary requirements.
Are you Interested in a free business social media & website audit? 

If you would like to receive a detailed business social media channels and website audit,
please fill out our contact form below. Your website and social media audit will include a detailed evaluation for your:  

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter


 What We Offer Our Clients & Real Estate Agencies/Realtors:

Our goal is to provide the best quality photos at a reasonable price.
Kaptured Styl Studios Commercial Photography & Marketing LLC. is a collaborative conglomerate
established company which is well known and held in high regard in South and Central Florida thanks to the excellence in our dynamics in servicing and maintaining excellence in our client and our relationships with each one. Our strength is in commercial photography specializing in Interior, Exterior, Night and Aerial Photography.

Why call two, three or more different photographers/videographers and overpay when you can call us?
Our work is 100% guaranteed as we are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality photographs.
Perfect for luxury homes, agriculture, commercial properties or land developments.
A high resolution low-altitude panoramic view of your property will capture an image of both the house and its surrounding features.
Aerial Photography
provides a unique outlook on the home and the local community.

It makes it simple to view local landmarks, as well as the style and lifestyle of the area. Aerial photographs have proved an excellent tool for both statistics and publications, featured and not limited to brochures,marketing reports,magazines,etc.

Our Commercial Photography Services Include and Specializes in:


• Real Estate & Residential Photography(Ground & Aerial Video)
• Golf Courses & Resorts
• Landscaping

• Property Surveys and Appraisals
• Businesses,Construction Progress & Insurance
 Performance & Luxury Marine
• Commercial & Private Automotive  
• Luxury Lifestyle & Designer Fashion



We Bring Your Brand & Company More Eye Catching Attention...!

  Kaptured Styl Brand Awareness use...

Kaptured Styl's Brand Awareness will take pleasure in promoting your next specific promotion or event.
Our professional staff attend all types of events, such as product launches,trade shows, grand openings &
special corporate events we want to cater to all our clients needs and wants depending on occasions or event.
Our clients have success using our team to reach new customers, promote products, and services.

Whether you're a luxury yacht company or exotic car dealer, even a fashion designer our services can provide the experience to assist you marketing your company professionally in dynamic marketing strives believing in your product as our own. This is achieved by exposing your brand relating it to great volumes nationally and globally working on targeted demographics. Our Strengths also known as our signature technique to work on a greater better approach to land our clients statement clearly to be seen uniquely and effectively our leading model staffing helps.

We will oversee every step in the staffing process of matching the right marketing approach to any event or cater to our

clients wants and needs most importantly. Outsourcing time-sensitive event staffing tasks allows your team to stay focused on 

more strategic activities. Your event is too important to leave in the hands of an unqualified and inexperienced companies.

No job too big or small for our
Kaptured Styl Brand Awareness" marketing/advertising.

K.S Signature Models will be responsible and well trained about your product or service.

Allowing them to be prepared and excited to create the professional statement

and excitement to elevate your event to the next level in nothing but greatness in mind that's

the Kaptured Styl Brand Awareness signature

   Contact us to book your event or show with your professional Brand Ambassadors/Product Specialists today!


    LOOKING FOR ...!

We can always get the job done at a reasonable rate.
Let us provide our services to your company and we will exceed your expectations
We have over 125 promotional models on file as well as new fresh looks daily with the experience to get you more business.
We carry a full service talent in house approach with all of our signature models, specializing in the development and placement of K.S models with diverse ethnic backgrounds with top agencies on a global level.

These markets include but not limited to New York, Miami, Atlanta to name a few.
Our talent division will include the representation of many talented individuals. This allows our marketing to utilize our beauty factor behind enhancing focus on securing strategic partnerships with all consumer and corporate branding.

  Models Let us help you on your path towards excellence with our mission and core values Kaptured Styl Brand Awareness is dedicated to help you earn and grow within a company that believes in client services by helping our K.S Signature models reach there goals above and beyond. Our Kaptured Styl Brand Awareness welcomes you therefore help you achieve greatness and find you,
legitimate work within the fashion and commercial advertising markets.

If you think you are ready to take your modeling heights, exposure, skills and talent to a whole new level with K.S Studios, reach out to us!  New, unique, exotic beauty are welcomed and the pinnacle of what makes us who we are. As modeling positions continue to fill on a day to day basis; How ever there is limited availability left for those requesting membership with K.S Studios, and again there are absolutely

or HIDDEN COSTS whatsoever to join!

Please NOTE: All applicants should meet the following requirements:

Height: 5'4 -5'10
Dress size Juniors: 1-2
Dress size Plus: 14+
Inseam: 32 inches

We are currently seeking beautiful women, between the ages of 16-33 in the
New York, NY to Miami, FL metro area including most parts of FL region,also being that we promote & network as well as connect with new designers alike in the fashion and advertising and also caters and market for trade shows connected. K.S Studios partners with marketing, advertising, and PR agencies to provide promotional models for trade shows, sporting events, product launches, and street marketing campaigns. Our goal is to help offer a reliable, personal, and professional way for you to gain much exposure to the industry!

"Kaptured Styl Studios bold for 2018 exclusive to all type of media coverage"
 ***Announcing our premiere partners details to follow***


We are also currently actively seeking & casting Female Models of unique looks and backgrounds to join our signature 7 to appear in KAPTURED IN STYL our New Leading Luxury publication service for our client's looking to showcase there product or services for details how to be apart of something great as far as joining the commercial print market contact us! 

 ***Current Campaigns Castings*** 
  For style guide or website
booked promotions with client's request & sponsors
linked below.
Beautiful faces, nice curves, &  positive attitudes  are strongly encouraged to apply! 
No experience required we are ready to help mold those that fit the expectations of a model

In closing those interested in taking your modeling career to new heights apply in the box below.
Please do not apply if you are not available or good with communication and
keeping up with appointments or time most important of all.
***If you do not fit the requirements posted above don't apply*** Thank You.

  Kaptured Styl Studios Commercial Photography & Marketing LLC.
P.O Box 702653
 Saint Cloud, FL 34770

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