The Ultimate Enterprise Bundle is the pinnacle of Kaptured Styl's media solution.

Expect an unlimited array of creative and technical tailored services

that encompasses your entire company's global presence.

Bundle Details

80 Professional Photos

The Kaptured Styl team captures and edits 80 Professional Photos.

3 Logo Designs

Your logo is the very heart of your identity by creating a connection to your target demographic which is a key to your success.

3 Flyer Designs

Make a lasting impression with unique eye-catching flyers & posters

that expertly reflects your brand.

3 Business Card Designs

Custom tailored business cards that concisely reflects your brand.

Stationary Design

Instantly elevate the look of your letters, forms and invoices to grab your client's attention.

Facebook Page Creation

It’s time to get social. Bring your brand to the web with an engaging Facebook cover image you can use right away.

Instagram Page Creation

Let us bring your brand to Instagram.

We will create a brand matching icon set and make sure every element of your brand fits your profile.

Social Media Managment

We offer dynamic social media optimization and

daily management.

Website Management

Optimize your website to reach your target clientele through our Visual Enhancements, Professional Edits and Search Engine Optimization.

Daily Digital Web Postings

Continuously captivate your target demographics through our precise social media posts. 

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