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In today’s highly-fragmented consumer marketplace and attention-deficit economy, no longer are businesses succeeding with a one-size-fits-all advertising or marketing approach. We believe brands, companies, and entire industries are shaped by fringe consumer groups influencing and/or growing its core audience. These regenerative groups –  based on demographics on their country of origin, lifestyle, or life stage – have unique passions, interests, social interests, relative trends, and spending motivators.


The expert group at K.S Media can identify and leverage these in digital advertising to drive both authentic relevancy and business results to your media platform from any bundle. In addition to the

best-in-class tools from, where we’ve armed ourselves with Immobiliare X  – our proprietary and the media industry’s only tool that can accurately target audiences based upon 85+ countries of origin.

Immobiliare X is designed to zero in on specifics among gauging data correctly maximizing the results.

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